Since its inception in 1960 The State Ballet of Rhode Island has held the belief that the youth of the state need the arts experience which would enable them to develop not only academically, but also with an awareness and, hopefully, an appreciation of the arts. The future of the arts, we believe, is in the hands of the young. Therefore, we feel this is where our primary responsibility lies.

The State Ballet of Rhode Island is Rhode Island’s first ballet company to offer an enrichment program to both private and public school students. The company offers the best in full-length story ballets, fairy tale classics and the contemporary choreographed by guest artists and its Artistic Director, Herci Marsden. Lecture-demonstrations and performance are designed for school and community settings.

We do not discriminate on the basis of social economic, or ethnic communities, for we have had the experience to know that, regardless of environment, the majority of young people in Rhode Island have not had the exposure to the arts, particularly classical ballet, to which they are entitled.

Project Ballet in Education is an opportunity to either bring your young students to the ballet or bring the ballet to your students! To introduce your students and faculty to the timeless art of ballet several programs are available: